B2B Wholesale Cannabis

B2B Wholesale Cannabis

Our vast network of contacts allows us to move high-quality, competitively priced wholesale cannabis products with ease. Our suppliers are MED approved, licensed, and individually vetted by Low Spark, Inc. distribution specialists to ensure client and product satisfaction. Let our team demonstrate why we’re the most reliable B2B wholesale cannabis distribution company.

Exclusive Inventory

Our distribution specialists individually vet all suppliers to ensure we move the best product. In addition, Low Spark Inc. is able to offer trim, oil, and other bulk materials from over 250 suppliers. This results in an incredibly large inventory, sure to fit any specific buying need or price point.

Industry Knowledge

The needs of each client are paramount to our track record and customer experience. Our clients receive premium market information on pricing, demand, as well as insider knowledge on clearance deals and quality materials.

Vast Network

Our service-based approach to wholesale has cultivated relationships with the most reliable contacts in our industry. Our track record has allowed us to build an extensive sales network of buyers.

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